Green + Shoes = Awesome Designs!

I am happy to report that there are plenty of eco-friendly shoes out there, without having to sacrifice your personal style, comfort, quality or color preferences! This is great news for shoe lovers, like me.


I vant to suck your power!

With all the vampire craze out there, you might be interested to know there are vampires lurking in your house, in almost every single room. But don’t rush for the garlic—it won’t work.

A few of my favorite things

Target (another one of my favorite things) carries an exclusive line of eco-friendly notebooks, binders, file folders and stationery called Greenroom. The products are made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials with non-toxic soy ink. The designs and colors are modern, eye-catching and fun for children and adults alike.

New 2010 SIGG Bottle Designs

SIGG’s new designs for 2010 are out!

Do you bamboo?

It’s no wonder there are so many manufacturers using bamboo in their products these days! And I’m not talking about tiki torches at a 1960s-style cabana beach party.

Money Bags

With this tote proudly slung over your shoulder, you can feel good and look stylish at the same time.

Be My Aluminum-tine

Wondering what to get your SIGGnificant other this Valentine’s Day? Why not a SIGG Aluminum Bottle? The Swiss company is offering 20% off a special Love-themed collection!