Do you bamboo?

Yummy!Bamboo has been around for centuries, and has been used for just about everything: culinary arts, medicine, construction, decoration, water processing, heck even musical instruments!  And we all know that pandas love this stuff. With all the buzz about bamboo, I’ve dug up some interesting facts about this plant:

A grove of bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees and absorbs four times as much carbon. Bamboo is harvested and replenished with no impact to the environment. As the fastest growing plant, bamboo could provide the answer to deforestation. A bamboo sapling grows to its full potential in four years compared to Oak that takes 50 years to reach maturity. Yet bamboo is said to be as long-lasting and sturdy as Oak.

It’s no wonder there are so many manufacturers using bamboo in their products these days!  And I’m not talking about tiki torches at a 1960s style cabana beach party.  Below are some examples of innovative companies using bamboo in beautiful, creative ways:

Umbra Boomba Waste Can
Part of the company’s 24-item Eco-Friendly collection

Umbra produces original, contemporary and affordable designs for the home. The company’s products are available at over 25,000 retailers in more than 75 countries. Umbra’s extensive product line includes frames, window treatments, home accessories, decorative hardware and furniture.


Bamboo Sleeve for the Dell Studio Hybrid Desktop
Dell’s greenest, most efficient consumer desktop

This stylish bamboo sleeve was made by MOSO International, a premier manufacturing company in China with offices all over Europe, producing  flooring, floor covering, panels and panel covering materials. The company uses its patented veneer side pressed caramel-stained bamboo, and is processed with a minimum of cutting and waste.

K2 Maia Eco Skate for Women
First sustainable skate on the market

K2 is an internationally renowned extreme sports gear company.  Their products are worn by some of the most famous athletes in snowboarding, inline skating, skateboarding, etc. The K2 Maia skate for women (they have a men’s version too) also uses the MOSO veneer side pressed  bamboo in its frame. In addition, the K2 Softboot™ is made from breathable recycled materials.

Asus U2E Bamboo Laptop
Inspired by Nature, Designed for Style

I hadn’t heard of Asus prior to my investigation in bamboo and its various applications. I was surprised to learn the company’s commitment to sustainability. They’ve developed an entire unit dedicated to green products, from design, manufacturing and even marketing and distribution. The U2E laptop employs a patented Super Hybrid Engine, whichautomatically manages and regulates power distribution based on usage requirements. With the accrued power savings, the Super Hybrid Engine reduces yearly CO2 emission by 12.3kg per notebook.”

Lexon LC 69 SAFE Calculator
Part of the company’s 14-item Eco-Friendly collection

French company Lexon has developed a new line of eco-friendly products that are as handsome as they are handy.  The collection is made from bamboo and maize bio-plastics, and also use solar energy, in addition to traditional energy sources for power. One of my favorites from this collection is the crank solar radio, make sure to check it out on their website!

Calfee Bamboo Bike
An award-winning eco-friendly bike

This bike is appropriate for everyday use as well as racing. Each frame is built to order and selected for the weight of the rider. The bike is made from bamboo that has been smoked and heat-treated to prevent splitting. Calfee Bamboo bikes have won awards for Best Road Bike, Best Off-Road Bike and Peoples’ Choice Award at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Make sure to check out their blog: Bamboo Bike Project blog.

This super-power plant can really do anything you want, all while helping the environment.  It’s one of the few renewable sources on Earth that gives back more than it takes. With its strength, durability and beauty, bamboo can be used in just about every aspect of our lives.  These products prove that bamboo doesn’t have to be kitschy to be incorporated in a design. Bamboo can reflect a clean, modern aesthetic and can become part of the central form and function of green products.

A word of caution: Don’t get too close to pandas while handling your bamboo gear. They might mistake it for a snack!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
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  1. Great Journal…I hope you have a good day!

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