I vant to suck your power!

What do Nosferatu, Count Dracula, Lestat and Edward Cullen all have in common?

Yes: they are all vampires with super vampire powers, capable of scaling walls, incredible speed and a mesmerizing gaze while draining your life essence.

With all the vampire craze out there, you might be interested to know there are vampires lurking in your house, in almost every single room. These kinds of vampires can also scale walls at incredible speeds and drain your house of its precious energy, simultaneously draining your wallet of your hard-earned cash. But don’t rush for the garlic—it won’t work.

What you need is the iGo Power Smart Wall. This ingenious little Van Helsing of a device reduces vampire power by up to 85%. So what is vampire power, you ask? According to iGo Green Technology:

Just about everything plugged into your home and office sucks power from the wall, even when they’re turned off. This is called standby power, or vampire power. Even devices meeting Energy Star guidelines suck vampire power.

Not even Bram Stoker could have seen this coming. No amount of holy water or crucifixes can destroy the vampire power in home. Vampire power is strongest at night, when you and your electronics lay dormant. The only solution is unplugging your electronic devices or turning off your power strips.

Until now, that is.  Cloaked in black, the iGo Power Smart Wall drives a stake through the heart of vampire power. This 4-outlet, power-saving surge protector automatically shuts down outlets when not in use. Ever vigilant, the Buffy-like product has 2 outlets always awake for devices requiring continuous power, while the other 2 outlets will go into auto-shutdown when devices aren’t in use. With its simple design, the iGo vampire slayer is great for a home office, kitchen or entertainment room where electronic devices are a plenty.

Day or night, the Power Smart Wall is your best bet against vampire power. No batteries, garlic, holy water, stakes or sunlight required.

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  1. I’ve seen progression in every post. Your newer posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past. Keep up the good work!

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