Reusable Bags, Part I: The Everyday Shopper

There is a lot of controversy out there about whether to use plastic or reusable bags. I think there are valid points on either side of the equation, however, one thing’s clear: reusable bags are making a serious statement. I for one am in favor of using reusable bags (but if you forget them at home or in the car, like I sometimes do, the occasional paper or plastic bag isn’t so bad either).

I have my top 5 reasons why I like them:

  1. They can hold much more groceries in a single bag vs. paper or plastic bags
  2. They’re easier to carry in your hands and won’t dig into your flesh like plastic bags sometimes do
  3. You can sling them over your shoulder, which helps to distribute the weight evenly throughout your body
  4. They won’t (or at least shouldn’t) break, rip, tear or tumble groceries from the bottom out
  5. They come in oh so many fun, bright, punchy colors, textiles, prints, shapes and sizes!

Below are my picks for what I call “The Everyday Shopper:” Running errands, buying groceries, or a fun shopping excursion with friends. These bags are from well-known stores that have a lot of eco-friendly products.  They all share one thing in common: great design!

Target‘s Standard Reusable Bag ($0.99)

The folks at Target really care about design. The iconic logo and unmistakable red all tie in nicely in this reusable bag. I love how the logo is knocked-out in white and serves as the leaves of the trees, locking in the consumer’s mind Target’s commitment to sustainability. The little black bird is a cute touch, too! At $0.99 you can’t go wrong with this one.

Walmart‘s “Not Paper, Not Plastic” Reusable Bag ($1.00)

Some people love ’em and others love to hate ’em. Either way, Walmart was not about to be left behind on the green bandwagon. They designed this ingenious little black bag: “Paper or Plastic? Neither.” Short, sweet and to the point. Black is a perfect choice: it’s sleek and matches with everything. The white and green text offer a nice contrast. The bags are made from polypropylene and contain 30% recycled content. Each bag will hold up to 22 pounds and has the potential to eliminate 50 disposable bags over its one-year estimated lifetime.

Kohl’s Green Scene Reusable Tote ($1.99)

I actually have this bag and I love it!  It’s very spacious and has a reinforced bottom for stability and durability.  This bag actually folds into a nice, neat square and has a clasp that keeps the handles folded in. When fully opened, the bag is 16″ H x 14″ W x 8″ D.  Folded, the bag is 8 1/2″ H x 8″ W x 1 5/8″ D, and easily fits into my purse when shopping.

Trader Joe’s Reusable Bags

The epitome of living an eco-friendly life is shopping at Trader Joe’s. I just love this place! They have so many organic options that are easy and fun to make.  Their packaging is graphically interesting and also green minded: they use as much post-consumer material as possible. What better way to shop at TJ’s than with your very own Joe’s reusable bags.  They have quite a few options, even insulated bags for your freezer items.  This one is my favorite!

Whole Foods‘ “A Better Bag” ($1.99)

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the latest news regarding Whole Foods and the CEO’s letter that was leaked online. I’m on the fence about the whole thing. But I am certain about one thing: I love this colorful reusable bag from WFM. It was first introduced on Earth Day, a perfect time for this bright and sunny spring-like bag!  According to their website: “These bags are made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. In fact each bag represents approximately two or three 20-ounce plastic bottles depending on the size of the bag you choose.”

Payless’ Reusable Bag ($1.99)

Made of 50% post-consumer materials, this fun bag will surely make shopping for shoes more rewarding. Payless will contribute $1.00 to the Nature Conservancy’s Plant a Billion Trees campaign for each reusable bag purchased. This bag will be a great way yo take home your Zoe&Zac shoes (see my post on green shoes).

I’ll be adding another edition or two about Reusable Bags and featuring more exciting styles. Stay tuned: The world just got a little greener.

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4 Responses to “Reusable Bags, Part I: The Everyday Shopper”
  1. I love all the different bags. that you have listed in your blog. At the moment I am using all Disney bags. My most favorite one is the Alice in Wonderland bag. But my mickey head bag is pretty shnazzy too. Really though, no matter what kind of a bag as long as it is reused!

  2. Hi and good morning. As I posted in my blog about this very same subject, I am used to taking my own bags to the store, that’s what we do in Europe. Actually most people have baskets.

    I love the bags, they are easy to take along and yes, after forgetting them a few times in the car or laying at home, one gets use to grabbing them along with the car keys.

    Bags also make a statement. Everyone in this town knows that I am crazy for Disney, go shopping at Walden Books, etc.

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