The circle of life

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? I’m really not sure myself…but I do know that the egg is quite a unique shape. An oval, ovoid or prolate sphere all mean one thing: egg-like. Birds, reptiles and even some mamals lay eggs as a means to giving birth and continuing the life cycle. As far as I know, the egg is the only naturally-occuring oval on Earth. Quite impressive for a breakfast item!

When Italian architect and interior designer Gianluca Soldi was looking to design a modern, high-tech and high-design recycle bin, he did so in egg-from. Say ciao to the Ovetto! Made in Italy of recycled materials and assembled by charitable organizations, the Ovetto (Italian for egg) is designed to make recycling fun and easy. It can be placed anywhere and with practically any interior, either at home or at work. To encourage all sorts of recycling (paper, plastic and/or compost), the bin is divided into three compartments, each with a door for easy removal and a small rounded lid at the top for dropping in the waste.  At the top of the bin is a plastic bottle compactor to reduce volume and allow for more bottles to be collected.

When I saw the Ovetto, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite movies, Wall·E, but more specifically, the elegant, ergonomic, egg-shaped Eve.

Wall·E is a story about love, life and sustainability. The year is 2815. Earth has been evacuated and uninhabited for the past 700 years and is covered in waste. The world’s human population is aboard luxury star-liner the Axiom, owned by mega-corporation Buy’n’Large. The only ‘sentient’ being left behind is a spunky little robot called Wall·E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class). His mission is to clean up the planet.

Through the dust and gray-brown monotony that has become Earth, ascends gracefully from heaven the beautiful, elegant, state-of-the-art Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator). Her sleek and shiny white body and glowing LED blue eyes are a stark contrast from Wall·E’s lonely world. Her mission is to locate vegetation on Earth, verify Earth’s habitability and report her findings to the captain of the Axiom for humanity’s safe return home. Is it any coincidence that Eve is egg-shaped? I think not.

I’m sure the strong, over-arching themes have not escaped you. Wall·E is to Adam (toiling and laboring to carve out an existence) as Eve is to, well…Eve. Lonely Wall·E finds companionship in Eve, who’s purpose is to bring life (back) to humanity. Early on in their courtship, Wall·E shows Eve a plant he found growing in an old boot. Her immediate reaction was to take the plant inside her body for safe-keeping and go into hibernation mode.

From inside her body, Eve gave birth to humanity. Soldi’s Ovetto is an egg that gives new life to used items. Wall·E’s egg-like Eve shows humanity that life is on Earth. And the protagonist and namesake Wall·E shows us in the movie that in order to have life on Earth we must be good stewards for our Planet. It would appear, if you ask me, that the circle of life is no circle at all: clearly, it’s an egg!

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