Season’s Greetings

It’s (unofficially) spring! Here in Minneapolis it’s 62°F, and for this time of year, that’s fantastic! I have an overwhelming urge to sing Nina Simone‘s “Feeling Good,” while jogging by the lake. Instead, I am stuck indoors, going through my closet and mountains of paperwork.

For some odd reason, I always tend to get more mail in the spring—the kind I end up tossing out (in the recycling bin) anyway. For once, I would love to receive something like the Postcarden, “a mini living garden” sent via postal mail. This ingenious little card comes in 3 different themes and definitely grows on you.

Here, the folks behind the Postcarden talk a bit about their creation:

For our first product we looked at the most universal gift—the greeting card. We felt that this conventional card lacked surprise, bringing only a momentary enjoyment… Our response was Postcarden. It can be sent easily in the post with room to write a personal greeting. It was created to be more playful, curious and interactive. Over time the card reacts to you and your environment evolving in beauty and charm.

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It’s very easy to grow your own carden! The card comes with instructions and a packet of watercress seeds—all you need is water and light:

  1. Open and unfold your card into its three dimensional shape
  2. Tuck the tabs into slots and glue (or tape) where instructed.
  3. Carefully sprinkle water into the base.
  4. Scatter the watercress seeds onto the damp paper.
  5. Keep the seeds moist by adding water as required.
  6. Within a couple of days, the seeds with begin to sprout!

The Postcarden is recyclable. The inner pvc tray will need to be removed first (check with your local recycling facility for recycling pvc in your area). The paper board can be recycled, or even composted. In the future the company aims to use only biodegradable paper materials. Check out the Postcarden in action!

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