ANDREA in the house

With ANDREA in your house, you can expect a lot of things. For one, she’s very quiet. She’s also very neat. She loves to garden, is very low-maintenance and likes to keep things clean. She’s also very beautiful, modern and avant-garde. I haven’t seen anything or anyone like ANDREA. And, she’s French—trés chic!

ANDREA is the brain-child of French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards. This award-winning invention is designed to improve and enhance the air filtration capacity of natural plants. Through a super-quiet fan, the air in your home (or office) is filtered through ANDREA and fed to the lovely plant inside (plant not included). The purified air is filtered out through the water and soil. The great thing about plants, besides being very nice to look at, is their natural ability to continuously clean and purify the air we breathe.

According to tests performed by Research Triangle Park Labs, ANDREA cleans the air 10 times faster than a natural plant and is 40 times more efficient than a standard HEPA and carbon filter. With ANDREA, the formaldehyde level in a 30 cubic-meter room will drop by 50% in just one day, while a plant on its own will take 10 days. Also according to the tests, “any kind of household plant can be used, but some varieties may perform especially well: Spathiphyllum, Dracaena Marginata, Chlorophytum Comosum [and/or] Aloe Vera.”

What I love about ANDREA is how practical she is. With ANDREA, your plants will remain free of dust or plant-eating diseases. Your plants will also be protected from pets and/or kids: you no longer have to worry about your cat trying to eat the leaves, or your dog peeing in the soil, or even your little baby knocking the plant over in your living room!

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Photos used with permission by ANDREA
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  1. […] Edwards is founder of ArtScience Labs. He is also co-designer and collaborator of the ANDREA (see ANDREA in the House). ArtScience Labs  is Edwards’ international network of art and design labs experimenting […]

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