The greenest field around

For baseball fans (especially Twins fans), the grand opening of the much-anticipated Target Field was definitely worth the wait! For 28 years, the Twins played in the Metrodome, shielded from the elements. After 28 months (and $425,000,000 later), players and fans alike will enjoy the great-outdoors while watching America’s favorite pass-time once again.

A few of my colleagues were fortunate enough to go to  the opening day at Target Field against the Red Sox, and my colleague  Jake dropped off an interesting article at my desk.

To my surprise and contentment, the freshly planted grass isn’t the only thing that’s green at Target Field… Check out these fantastic eco-friendly credentials that make Target Field the greenest field around:

  • A 100,000-gallon cistern buried in the outfield will save the Twins up to 2 million gallons of water each year. That’s the estimate from Pentair, a Minneapolis manufacturer of water purification and pumping systems that installed the system.
  • During both the demolition and construction phases, nearly 40% of waste materials were recycled.
  • Kasota limestone covering more than half the building’s exterior was sourced from Mankato, about 70 miles to the southwest, limiting the environmental impact of transporting construction materials.
  • Nearly 20% of construction materials contained recycled content and 80% of wood was harvested from sustainable forests.
  • The shiny roof around the upper decks was designed to reflect sunlight, reducing air conditioning costs and limiting Target Field’s contribution to the urban heat-island effect.
  • Energy-efficient lighting (both on and off the field), and an energy-efficent HVAC system are expected to save the team nearly $40,000 a year in energy costs.
  • High-efficiency fixtures installed throughout the park will save the team up to 4.2 million gallons of drinking water each year.
  • A reminder to fans to use the stadium’s multitude of recycling bins will play on video screens before and during games, and organic waste will be composted or sent to area hog farmers for feed.

All this makes Target Field the greenest field in the United States, earning the Twins’ home LEED Silver status! The only other ballpark with LEED credentials is the Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., however the Twins take the home run on this one, with 36 points on the LEED scoring system, over the Washington National’s 34.

To sweeten the deal (as if it wasn’t enough!) the Twins also launched their new Break a Bat, Plant a Tree program, promising to plant 100 trees in a state park or along a state trail every time a Twins pitcher breaks the bat of an opposing player!


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