Personal Eco Guru

In honor of Earth Day 2010, the World Wildlife Federation has launched a brand new, interactive and extremely cute new web-tool called Eco Guru. Not only is it adorable, it’s useful and very user-friendly, too! What I love most about this tool is it’s simple and unique design: a cerulean blue background dotted with white fluffy clouds displays a playful and friendly Earth. Different scenarios show Earth as happy (like he is at left) and progressively more melancholy and sick, due to pollution, waste and destruction. Let’s take a closer look at the site together:


A short narrative and a flash animation welcomes you to the site and gently urges you to continue on your path of eco-enlightenment with the Eco Guru.


Welcome to the homepage! You can now begin your path to enlightenment. The Eco Guru will be your guide and mentor, asking you questions and offering advice along the way. At this point in your journey, it is always best to start with an assessment of your impact on Earth; knowing is half the battle.

Calculating your Footprint:

By looking at your inner-most self and rationalizing your daily activities and earthly consumptions, you will pass through each of the 11 chakras with the following 11 questions by the Eco Guru.

Gaby in Green’s Eco-Footprint:

“Not too shabby, Gaby,” says the Eco Guru. “Based on your answers, your footprint shows you how your energy consumption compares to your region’s average. It tells you how many of earth’s resources we’d need if everybody acted the same way as you do.” My eco-footprint is about 50% lower than the North American average.

My path to eco-enlightenment is near but still out of reach. I must continue to green my lifestyle in order to achieve an inner and outer balance. Luckily, the Eco Guru provides quick and easy green lifestyle tips to make my journey a little greener, every step of the way. I invite you to begin your path to eco-enlightenment. I have accompanied you part of the way, now you must find your own path with Eco Guru, Namaste!


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