Green Crafters, Part VII: PJ’s Woods

I lost count how many wood-working booths I saw at the ACC show in St. Paul. Almost every other booth had something to do with wood, and they were all interesting, intricate and really very fascinating. Now, when I came across Paul Jensen‘s booth, I saw the little green sign and knew I had to … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part VI: LH Originals

Continuing through the show, I stumbled upon LH Originals. Like most great ideas, Louise Harris stumbled upon hers by accident. Her artwork is made from recycled furnace filters. Interestingly, her medium goes through three filters of recycling before reaching her studio in Minneapolis. The metal sheets originate in Mexico, where they are punched out into bottle caps. … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part V: Amy Faust Jewelry

Every corner I turn at the American Crafts Council Show is filled with baubles, trinkets and the most interesting gadgets. Not too far from Julie Jerman-Melka‘s Flying Anvil Design booth is the colorful booth of Amy Faust Jewelry. What I like most about Amy’s jewelry is her mix of ordinary—and often over-looked items—into works of … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part IV: Flying Anvil Designs

  As I continued perusing the colorful and lively booths at the American Crafts Council Show, I felt myself gravitating towards the Flying Anvil Designs booth. There is a very delicate balance between Julie Jerman-Melka’s fascinating jewelry: a strength and masculinity in the rocks alongside a delicate femininity of the sinewy (recycled) silver. Julie, a … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part III: Beach Glass Bingo

Stepping into the Beach Glass Bingo booth at the American Crafts Council Show in St. Paul is like being whisked away by a gentle breeze to sunny California. The laid-back west coast vibes are definitely present, from the mood lighting in the booth—strategically highlighting the sparkling jewels—to the comfortable banter between friends/founders Gene Allen and … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part II: `e-ko logic

Next, meet textile artist and clothing designer Kathleen Tesnakis and her husband Charlie, founders of `e-ko logic. So what is `e-ko logic, you ask? Who better to tell you than the artiste herself: “`e ko logic is much more than a clothing line. It is a life philosophy based on a sustainable way of living … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part I: Bill Gossman Pottery

Meet Bill Gossman. Him and his lovely wife Janne were the first Green Crafters I met at the American Craft Council Show in St. Paul (see: Oh, the people you’ll meet!). Humble, approachable, absolutely likable. Those were my first impressions of Bill and Janne. When I asked Bill if I could feature him on my blog, he was … Continue reading