Green Crafters, Part V: Amy Faust Jewelry

Every corner I turn at the American Crafts Council Show is filled with baubles, trinkets and the most interesting gadgets. Not too far from Julie Jerman-Melka‘s Flying Anvil Design booth is the colorful booth of Amy Faust Jewelry. What I like most about Amy’s jewelry is her mix of ordinary—and often over-looked items—into works of wearable art. Amy shows us another facet of green design: turning something old and discarded into something new and coveted.

“I love finding objects, such as beach and bottle glass with hints of writing or design or gorgeous smooth pebbles. Cutting them into specific shapes they resemble gemstones and take on a new precious quality.”

Amy’s jewelry is a fun, punchy mix of bright colors and matte textures. She uses unusual pieces of glass and ceramic in her designs—such as vintage traffic lights, vintage Coke Bottles, shards from broken plates and vases, and beach glass—to create highly wearable and durable jewelry. In addition, Amy uses only 100% recycled silver and gold. In her personal life, Amy composts regularly and is “obsessed with recycling.” She also purchases biodegradable and post consumer items as much as possible.

“I love simplicity, color, light, subtle texture and the mysterious connection that art has to nature.  As a visual person I am always looking for inspiration from both the natural and urban environments.”

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Photos taken and used with permission from Amy Faust, Amy Faust Jewelry

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