Green Crafters, Part VII: PJ’s Woods

I lost count how many wood-working booths I saw at the ACC show in St. Paul. Almost every other booth had something to do with wood, and they were all interesting, intricate and really very fascinating. Now, when I came across Paul Jensen‘s booth, I saw the little green sign and knew I had to stop and chat a while. And chat we did!

“My excitement begins at first glance of nature’s details in a piece of wood and I ‘vision’ the ideal culinary tool that will highlight these grain features. I then use hand and power tools to release the natural beauty hidden inside.”

What make’s Paul’s culinary crafts green is his use of salvaged wood from old furniture, packing crates and pallets, dead and fallen trees, unwanted shrubs and invasive species such as Buckthorn. I learned a great deal about this invasive tree. Buckthorn is a European import that has taken over much of the mid-west with its malicious roots. Buckthorn destroys wildlife habitat, replaces native vegetation and causes long-term decline of forests by preventing new growth of native seedlings. Interestingly however, the tree has a very exotic grain, often coming in deep browns, oranges and reds. Paul is more than happy to take these trees and make intricate spoons and bowls from its wood.

To learn more about Paul’s beautiful handy work, check out his website and this interesting article about his craft.

Photos taken and used with permission from Paul Jensen, PJ’s Woods.

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