Paint it Green Nail Polish Giveaway!

Green Design in Mind is having a drawing of 6 gorgeous, glimmering, glamorous, green-with-envy nail polishes in 6 make-you-go-ga-ga shades of….you guessed it, GREEN! Check it out!


A chair with pop

Plastic is fantastic. We do so much with it, I couldn’t possibly enumerate the different ways in which we use plastic in our everyday lives. But as helpful and useful as it is, it can be quite harmful to the environment. Both in the way it’s made and how it’s discarded. But this ingenious collaboration … Continue reading

Get a whif of this!

What is breathable, biodegradable, delicious and has zero calories? LeWhif, of course! This ingenious creation by Harvard professor David Edwards is the world’s only breathable chocolate. Developed by Edwards’ ArtScience Labs network, LeWhif is biodegradable, organic and contains less than one calorie. Eating chocolate is so fleeting. As the saying goes “A moment on my lips; … Continue reading

Get your official Nice Ride T-Shirt!

In my previous post, you can read all about Nice Ride, an amazing new bike sharing venture in the Twin Cities. But where ever you are, enter to win this exclusive T-Shirt giveway! Impress your friends, co-workers and people on the streets with your Nice Ride T-Shirt.

Nice Ridin’ Minnesota!

The tweet that launched a thousand bikes! Nice Ride coming to Minnesota. It appeared some time back in my twitter feed. Having just moved to Minneapolis from Boston and without a car, I had been contemplating getting a bike for the nicer weather (yes, there is nice weather in Minnesnowta—uhhh, I mean Minnesota). I started … Continue reading

Girl from Ipanema

In addition to being the world’s most recognized face, supermodel and UN Goodwill Ambassador Giselle has been working with iPANEMA Footwear since 2002. iPANEMA is as iconic in Brazil as its famous spokesperson. The company produces beautiful footwear for men, women and children, but they are most known for their flip flops. iPANEMA’s commitment to good design goes hand in hand with its commitment to the environment.

Green Crafters, Part VII: Paul Pearman’s New School Mosaics

Knowing Paul like I do (all of two and a half hours we spent together at the ACC show in St. Paul with my mom and his lovely wife Michele), I know he’s going to give me a hard time for taking so long to write this darned post. After all, we met (more than) … Continue reading