Green Living Expo, Part I: Eco-Framed Art

Meet best friends and business partners Mike Bortke (with glasses) and Ryan Schoen. Funny, friendly and easy-going, these two guys are great to talk with! They have fun stories to share, finish each others’ sentences, and are also the founders of Frame It Green. Both bring their talents and passions to the table: Mike is … Continue reading

Under the Boardwalk

So many iconic images come to mind when I think of the Fourth of July: The Declaration of Independence, fireworks, beer and BBQ, apple pie and the list goes on and on. Lately, with all the Turner Classic Movies on TV, my mind drifts back to a nostalgic period in American history; a time of … Continue reading

Sunshine in a Box

Art, music and eco-friendly design are creatively combined in Craig Colorusso‘s Sun Boxes. This is one of the few instances I’ve come across in which art utilizes an eco-friendly approach as part of its form and function. Imagine swimming in the middle of a pod of humpback whales. You’re completely immersed in a world of water … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part VII: Paul Pearman’s New School Mosaics

Knowing Paul like I do (all of two and a half hours we spent together at the ACC show in St. Paul with my mom and his lovely wife Michele), I know he’s going to give me a hard time for taking so long to write this darned post. After all, we met (more than) … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part VI: LH Originals

Continuing through the show, I stumbled upon LH Originals. Like most great ideas, Louise Harris stumbled upon hers by accident. Her artwork is made from recycled furnace filters. Interestingly, her medium goes through three filters of recycling before reaching her studio in Minneapolis. The metal sheets originate in Mexico, where they are punched out into bottle caps. … Continue reading

Green Crafters, Part I: Bill Gossman Pottery

Meet Bill Gossman. Him and his lovely wife Janne were the first Green Crafters I met at the American Craft Council Show in St. Paul (see: Oh, the people you’ll meet!). Humble, approachable, absolutely likable. Those were my first impressions of Bill and Janne. When I asked Bill if I could feature him on my blog, he was … Continue reading

The greenest field around

For baseball fans (especially Twins fans), the grand opening of the much-anticipated Target Field was definitely worth the wait! For 28 years, the Twins played in the Metrodome, shielded from the elements. After 28 months (and $425,000,000 later), players and fans alike will enjoy the great-outdoors while watching America’s favorite pass-time once again. A few of my … Continue reading