Check out some of my friends!

Here is where I proudly showcase my friends and contacts. They may not all be green, but they are certainly talented, creative and great story-tellers. I hope you check them out!

 Eryn Ascenzo:

Check out Plucky Finds for fun, beautiful, quirky, classy, whimsical, cultural and glamorous finds! My good friend and former room-mate Eryn Ascenzo is a talented writer and certainly has an eye for design. We met in college (Boston University) and partnered on many projects together while getting our Bachelor in Communication. We also lived together in Boston and had a wonderful time going out, shopping and entertaining friends over good wine and music at our apartment. Her blog is not to be missed, and you can also check her out on Facebook!

Reyna Simnegar:

I am lucky to count Reyna as a good friend, except she is more like an older sister! She is talented, smart and funny and writes an informative blog about Kosher Persian cuisine…except she’s from Venezuela! Read all about her family life, exciting background, and wonderful edible creations on her blog and check out her website: she is coming out with a cookbook just in time for the holidays! You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

Emily Cornell

My good friend Emily Cornell is TC Jewfolk’s Managing Editor.  TC Jewfolk is a multi-author daily online magazine and virtual communal space primarily aimed at young Jewish adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. With the help of over a dozen writers of varying Jewish identities, TC Jewfolk publishes news, commentary and creative expression six days a week – resting on the Jewish sabbath. You can follow the blog on Facebook and Twitter.

David Pardo:

David is a good friend and a multi-talented individual: pilot, accomplished lawyer, musician, writer.  His blog is an edge-of-your seat detailed account of his time at the Federal Aviation Administration: lies, deception and intrigue at the government level. David blew the whistle and stood up for honesty and accountability. Read his blog for the latest bits of drama and follow him on twitter, too!

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