From Start to finish

Do the words sexy, modern, sleek and green ever come to mind when you think of Ford Motor Company? From start to finish, Ford’s Start Concept car proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks. On April 22nd, Ford introduced the Start at the Beijing Motor Show in response to the world’s increasing urban … Continue reading

Do you bamboo?

It’s no wonder there are so many manufacturers using bamboo in their products these days! And I’m not talking about tiki torches at a 1960s-style cabana beach party.

Sexy Star Power

Did you ever stop and wonder if natural light from your windows could be used to power your everyday electronics?

Prius: Pushing up Daisies

The daisies are a perfect cross-pollination between form and function. Serving not only as an interactive ad promotion, they embody the spirit and eco-friendly technology that the Toyota Prius is employing in their third-generation models