Keep things cool this summer

Going on an impromptu camping trip in the next few weeks? I recently went on my first camping trip this summer with friends (and a couple of furry friends, too!) and had a blast. It was great to see the stars at night and uplug from my computer and cell phone for a weekend! Here … Continue reading

Just bag it!

Linda Wong, founder and creative director of Canopy Verde, was known among her childhood friends as the “bag police” for insisting among her group to use fewer plastic bags while shopping. Fast forward a few years and she is now designing women’s eco-friendly bags.  Coinciding with the birth of her first child, Canopy Verde was … Continue reading

Green Living Expo, Part IV: Upcycled Chic

Meet Marly Elizabeth Ramstad: artist, designer and eclectic green fashionista! As you can see, she’s not one to shy away from colors.  In fact, the more colors the better! Marly started her craft one day just for fun. She makes upcycled jewelry from vintage and found treasures. Her main line of jewelry is her unique pairs … Continue reading

Under the Boardwalk

So many iconic images come to mind when I think of the Fourth of July: The Declaration of Independence, fireworks, beer and BBQ, apple pie and the list goes on and on. Lately, with all the Turner Classic Movies on TV, my mind drifts back to a nostalgic period in American history; a time of … Continue reading

Celebrate International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day, and I dedicate this blog post to my mom, Matilde (that’s us in 1985). According to the organization’s website: “International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.” So what better to celebrate this special day than … Continue reading