Gaby in Green

All about me!

Hi!  I’m Gaby.  I’m not actually green… like  the Na’vi in Avatar are blue.  But I do like green things. That’s why I’m here.  And hopefully that’s why you’re here too.

My interest in the environment started at a very early age. Ever since I can remember, my parents always encouraged my siblings and I to play outside. We grew up with a love and respect of the outdoors. I should clarify at this point that we are not exactly the “outdoorsy” type. I’m very much of a city girl. Yet, I have an enormous appreciation for and love of nature.  That’s why I’m doing as much as I can to be green minded, and encourage others to do the same.

For the past three years I worked at a marketing and advertising agency in Boston. While there, I learned so much about the aesthetic. I worked very close with the design team, and they ingrained in me an acute understanding and awareness of design: the harmony between lines, colors, fonts and images, and how to achieve balance between those elements.

Being green is just one of my passions. Music, art, literature, traveling, languages, cinema and photography are also things I enjoy very much. I will certainly be weaving those things in here as well, in the capacity that they relate to being green, of course!

Stay tuned: the world just got a little greener!

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