Green Crafters, Part II: `e-ko logic

Next, meet textile artist and clothing designer Kathleen Tesnakis and her husband Charlie, founders of `e-ko logic. So what is `e-ko logic, you ask? Who better to tell you than the artiste herself:

“`e ko logic is much more than a clothing line. It is a life philosophy based on a sustainable way of living and creating… Together we can change the world, one garment at a time.”

Kathleen’s unique sense of style and keen eye for color and texture combine to create one-of-a-kind luxury garments. I say luxury because the majority of her clothes are made from discarded cashmere.  Yes, you read right: discarded cashmere! In the 14 years that Kathleen and Charlie have been in business, they have rescued and transformed over 7 tons of used clothing. A staggering 85% of used clothing is landfilled! Says Kathleen:

“Reusing clothes as a raw material has many benefits: it decreases our dependency on water and chemicals required to make new materials, and reduces the amount of used clothing being landfilled.”

Just like any artist, Kathleen painstakingly arranges her palette before she begins her work. Her garments are rescued from her native New York, and she only uses natural fibers for their breathable and biodegradable qualities. Every bit of scrap fabric is sorted and saved for future projects. She hand-cuts and arranges fabric on her canvas, piece by piece, layer by layer. And when her masterpiece is done, a new, beautiful and recycled garment comes to life… a second time!

Photos taken and used with permission from Kathleen Tesnakis, `e-ko logic

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